What Are The Disadvantages Of Google Play Store?
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What are the disadvantages of Google Play store? In this article, I will list a series of the basic weaknesses of this application platform. Dig into it now!

Google Play store is a typical application for all android users. Here you can buy and install applications to your device to experience and use.

However, what are the disadvantages of Google Play store? Let’s learn about those disadvantages to avoid maximum. Dig into it right now!

What Are The Disadvantages Of Google Play Store?

Most developers find a way to fix bugs in the Play store. However, negligence and the following errors inevitably exist. These errors are not too big, but many people still feel annoyed with them.

1/ Offshoot Application

There are many unofficial apps or experimental works of the creators. These applications often have many bugs or are internal for employees to experience for themselves to evaluate and improve the application.

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Offshoot Application

However, it seems that it is easy to upload those applications, but it is not easy to remove those applications from the app store. 

So users will have a lot of trouble finding the standard application or the best version. Multiple apps with the same use will dilute the overall experience and make it difficult for users to review and evaluate all of their experiences.

2/ Doesn’t allow ones from an outsource

There will be certain limitations for application developers. The App Store or Android devices, in general, will have some restrictions, not supporting apps from unknown sources or websites.

Some apps you will only find and use on ios devices or vice versa. It can be a significant barrier if you are used to using apps on ios before and now switch to using android.

3/ Need Google Account to Run

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Need account Google Play to run

Having to sign in and have an account is quite simple and easy. You can set up a new account in just a few minutes. However, many people still consider this a drawback.

If you don’t have an account, you can still view apps. However, you won’t be able to install and use it on your device even if the app is free.

4/ Limited Options

Another downside that many people feel is a significant barrier is limited options. It has policies for product developers.

Sometimes, the application you are using is not necessarily the best version that the manufacturer wants to bring to consumers.

Some limitations can be a set of terms, advertising, conditions, or storage. All these issues can be disadvantages that limit the development. 

5/ Irrelevant Suggestions

It has not optimized the search and is quick in selecting user insights. Sometimes suggestions work too slowly, and sometimes it takes a few days to show the desired results.

The store also often suggests to users unrelated and mostly paid options to make more sales instead of satisfying users. Many suggestions are irrelevant. 

For example, if you are looking for games, they suggest both books and music.


1. Is it safe to use the Play Store?

You can rest assured when using the play store because behind it is a team of professional IT engineers and programmers.

Cases of data theft are not necessarily non-existent but will always be resolved quickly and without affecting users.

2. Does Google Play cost money?

Have you ever wondered if you use free apps, how will google play make money? 

Unlike drive or GG play, the store will only ask users to pay for limited or required apps. Most of the income comes from units renting space to appear ads in user applications. 

So if you come across an ad while playing a game or listening to music, that’s how it makes money.

3. Why is Google charging my bank account?

Sometimes you will see a message to deduct money from your bank account. But if you don’t buy anything, you can check again. 

These fees are usually just a hold to process pending transactions. When one of the transactions is successful, the pending amount will be refunded to you.


Despite many disadvantages, it can be that google play store is one of the leading app stores today. Yet, the company is looking for ways to fix those errors. If you find major mistakes, you can contact them to find a way to solve them.

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