How To Check Google Play Balance? Easy Tips
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How to check Google Play balance? In this article, I show you the most accessible ways and tips to follow easily. Dig into it now for more details!

Google Play is a platform that provides us with a lot of content from movies, music, books, and of course, apps and games with different themes. 

And to be able to pay for the above content, you need to have enough money in your account. A refill will be necessary if you want to own an asset that costs more than the balance. 

So how to check your Google Pay balance and figure out how much the money is left?

Dig into this article for more details!

How to Check Google Play Balance

Like many other operations on the system, checking the wallet is also relatively easy because it doesn’t want any user to have much trouble with manipulation.

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Check out money on GG Play

However, you should still pay attention to the steps of each method mentioned below to avoid time-consuming errors or confusion.

On Desktop

Operations on the Desktop platform are pretty simple and fast, although we cannot install Android applications directly on the computer.

  • Step 1: You open the browser, then enter the app store in the search box, or you can also copy “” and paste it into the search bar for faster access
  • Step 2: On the Google Play screen, you look at the upper right corner of the screen and see the avatar of the account that we log in to. If you are not logged in, there will be login in this position. And of course, you need to log in before proceeding further
  • Step 3: After logging in, we click on the profile picture. You find the line “Payment methods.” The wallet will be under this line in the drop-down menu. For more information, you can click on “Payment methods.”

On Android

  • Step 1: You will need to find the Google Play icon on the main screen to be able to access the app store
  • Step 2: At the interface, you look at the upper right corner of the screen and see the account’s avatar that we log in to. Then click on the avatar
  • Step 3: After clicking, a menu will appear, and you need to scroll down and click on Payments & subscriptions. Then you find the Payment methods section and select.
  • Step 4: Finally, click on “balance” to see the remaining in your account.

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Tips To Add the Balance

When the account balance drops below the required level, we will need to add more money to the account to continue buying the content you want. There is no shortage of methods to add money to our histories, and here are some standard techniques.

  • Redeem gift cards: You can buy gift cards at stores or supermarkets, then scratch the silver coating and enter the gift code on the back of this material.
  • Redeem digital gift codes. Just like gift cards but instead of buying in physical form, in this case, you will believe in electronic form on websites
  • Use a promo code: These promotion codes are usually given to us by Google or other systems or companies on a special occasion.

You should also note that “Google Play” balance and “Google Pay” balance are two different concepts. And to avoid confusion, we also need to distinguish the uses of these two types of accounts clearly.

  • Google Play: With this account, you can buy anything from the store, from apps and games to magazines or books.
  • Google Pay: It is the payment system that we will use in real life and where it is supported.


Does the balance expire?

Luckily for us, the money in our account never expires.

Can I redeem a card for cash?

Currently, this platform does not support us in converting cards to cash or refund.

Can I use Google Play balance for mobile recharge?

You absolutely can because today, many services have supported us to load directly and pay through this app store.


So we have learned how to check Google Play balance from there to gain the necessary knowledge for the most accurate and reasonable operation.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email or comment below. We will try to give a complete response.

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