How Much Is Google Play A Month? The Correct Answer Is Here!
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How much is Google Play a month? Right in this article, I will give the complete explanations for your understanding. Check it out now for details!

You can get many things with the Google app store for your work and entertainment purposes. However, not everything is free, and not everyone has an unlimited budget for your hobby. 

So, how much is Google Play a month? Find the detailed answer in this article!

How Much Is Google Play A Month?

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The cost per month

If you use music and game apps monthly and pay for service for them, you will have to spend about $4.99 per month.

With this budget, you can listen to music comfortably without any services or ads that might bother you. This store also offers a massive playlist with over 40,000,000 songs.

The music store can satisfy many users. With a premium account, you can download to your device and listen to music without an internet connection. 

To save costs, you can consider sharing an account with one or two of your relatives. You can try a 30-day free trial to see if the service is suitable or not.

How Much Do Books Cost On Google Play?

It will be a little different when you sign up for a book payment account. 

If you only buy one month at a time, it will cost a little more at $14.95. But if you use a credit account to pay, it will only pay $12.99 per month.

But no matter how you use or buy books, there is still an unlimited number of books you use in that month. When buying books online like this, you can both experience reading and listening to books while doing other things.

How Much Do Movies Cost On Google Play? 

You still have to pay to see the movie, but it will be cheaper than going to the theater. You also have a variety of options to suit your budget. 

If you love a movie and want to keep it for a long time, you can choose to buy a film. The cost of purchasing a full movie will range from $5 up to $19.99. This price depends on many factors, such as the publisher or the number of episodes.

If you want to try watching a movie or want to experience many different genres without spending too much money, renting a movie is a reasonable choice. 

Rent will be much cheaper, only from $0.99 to $7. However, if you want to review it after a while, it will cost extra rent.

Are Google Play Games Worth It?

There are many different games for you to choose from. Some games require you to pay to be able to experience them.

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Are games worth it

The advice for you is to learn and try some free games of the same genre. If you are interested in trying the more advanced version, spend money buying games.

It’s hard to judge if a game is worth it because each game is for a different audience. There are many free games you can try without spending any money. Please play a lot and choose the appropriate genre before buying games.

What Happens When Google Play Pass Ends?

Each of your games, apps, or services, whether paid or not for download, is managed by Google Play Pass.

After the expiration date, the applications will return to their original state, and you will have to pay an additional fee. Depending on the application, this trait may not be anymore, or it may be available, but many ads appear.

Does Google Take 30% Of In-app Purchases?

This fee will not affect you if you are just a shopper. Google play started charging 30% for merchant transactions. This commission can cause app developers to increase the selling price of their products.

How Do I Avoid Google Play Tax?

To avoid paying tax in the Play store, you can follow these steps.

  • Select the application you want to own
  • Proceed to cart and checkout as usual

Before paying, please pay attention to the price and tax notice. When you press one more time on this line, it will automatically convert to no tax.


If you calculate the total value of service packages when you use Google Play, it will be a pretty large number. So you need to know how to balance services. 

Many people buy goods online in large quantities simultaneously but do not use them all, leading to waste. You can also save more by adopting a tax-free policy.

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