How Do I Watch A Movie I Bought On Google Play? 
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How do I watch a movie I bought on Google Play? We give the full answer with specific instructions for you to grasp in this article. Read it out now!

Before, no one cared about backing up films or apps on Google Play. Yet, the platform has just announced that you won’t watch films on some smartphones. 

So, a question arises: “How do I watch a movie I bought on Google Play?”. In this article, we will answer the above question most clearly.

How Do I Watch A Movie I Bought On Google Play?

You can have to see the movie on the Google movie app. But, this application will almost disappear. So will your films disappear? 

Android phones like LG Vizio or Samsung will be on this optimal list of googling this time. If you have purchased the movie or show, it can still be found and viewed through the Youtube app.

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Find the films bought

All films or shows you have purchased are stored on Youtube. You can access this app and review your favorite shows in your Movies & Shows section.

One advantage if you have a Chromecast device is being able to watch films on your TV via the TV app. 

This change makes many people excited because they can view films anywhere by logging in to their Youtube account. However, quite a few people feel uncomfortable because this change causes them to encounter privacy barriers. 

For example, a multi-user device logged in to the same Youtube account will be difficult to manage viewers. When letting their children use Youtube on their phones, parents also need to pay attention to access the movie list. 

How Do I Watch Google Play Films & TV on Win 10?

Movies Anywhere is an application that helps you oversee films anywhere, on all the devices you own, no matter which device it is. 

The only limitation is that this application only works in the US territory. If you are moving to another area or traveling, this may not be your solution.

Movies Anywhere supports you to back up all the films you buy on your mobile device to your Windows 10 PC. So, your movie-watching experience will become optimal with the widescreen. Another minus is that this section is just for films.

Even if you buy a TV show, you won’t be able to back it up or oversee it on your PC. If you want to control TV shows, you will have to back up via Youtube. 

How Do I Watch Google Play Videos On My iOS Device?

The steps to watch the store’s videos on your iOS device are pretty similar to the method we have shown above. There are some benefits if you are using iOS.

Previously, iOS and Android had different software to make movies. However, if it removed the freedom movie and integrated it into Youtube, iOS users would have been able to use two operating systems. 

If you have a friend who uses Android and has great movies, you can now borrow their account to log in and watch videos with Youtube. 

How Do I Watch Google Play Movies & TV on Windows 10 via Youtube? 

To buy films or shows that you believe you will have to pay and operate after logging in to your Google account. That means you also have a Youtube account, and you can watch all the shows through that account on any device or browser.

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Watching on Windows

To oversee movies via Youtube, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Log in to it with the Google account you use to buy films
  • Select Purchased and click to display a list of Selected programs
  • Choose the desired movie or program

After completing the above steps, this platform will play the movie you selected as a standard video presentation interface.


Google Play’s updated movie promises to bring many new improvements and exciting experiences for users.

It may take a while for everyone to get used to and adapt to this change. We think that all improvements are to provide the best user experience. 

You also know how to oversee the movies you bought even without Google Play movies. I hope you can share this article with your friends because this change will take place in just a few days.

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