How Do I Use Google Play For The First Time?
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How do I use Google Play for the first time? In this article, I will give you some specific guidelines for you to follow. Check out it now for details!

Google Play is a typical application for users using the android operating system. This application will help you install familiar software not available on your computers, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. In addition, you can also download entertainment software such as games or listen to music.

So. how do I use Google play for the first time?

It is quite simple, but there are still some caveats for you.

Now, check this article out for now!

How Do I Use Google Play For The First Time?

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Guide To Use For The First Time

If this is your first time using Google Play, here are the most detailed and useful instructions.

1/ Login and Logout

First, to use this online shopping app, you need to know how to log in with your account. This login is quite simple, and you can use your account to register on Google Play.

2/ Login

The login process is also divided into 2 types: using an existing account or adding a personal statement. If this is your first time accessing this app, it will open a window for you to log in with your account.

If you’re using another device and want to sign in and set up your account, go to Settings and select Add account. 

Then follow the next instructions, and enter the necessary information to log in. In some cases, the system may ask you to authenticate via email or two-factor authentication.

3/ Logout

To sign out of the app store, go to Settings, account management, and delete the account you want to log out from. There will be a confirmation window if you are sure to delete the account; confirm to log out of that account from Google Play and the device.

Install & Update Apps

Installing and upgrading apps is the most common activity that phone users use Google Play. Downloading applications to your device on Google Play is quite simple, and you can almost do it with just a push of a button.

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Install & Update Apps

Install apps

  • To install the application on your device, open the application, and make sure you have logged in with complete information. Right on the application’s home page, there is a search bar. 
  • Here you can enter the name of the app or game you want. If you’re looking for an app that doesn’t have a specific purpose or term, you can go to the category to see recent recommendations for users.
  • Once you have found the application you like, press the install button, and the download and installation of the game will take place automatically. The majority of apps on Google Play are free. Some paid apps require you to enter payment information, and we’ll cover that in more detail in the next section.

Update Apps

Applications will always have new updates built by developers to improve quality and user experience. So you will need to update your app always to use the best versions.

  • First, click on your profile picture in the left corner of the screen. 
  • Then select Manage apps and devices. 
  • There will be games and applications installed on the device in this management list. Press “Available Updates” to see improved versions, and you can then optionally update all or a few preferred apps.

Remove, Hide, and Add Devices

One feature is an automatic process when you sign in to the CH on a mobile device. Then the account will automatically log in to this app without you having to do any more. However, you cannot permanently remove the device from the app at this time.

But Google still allows you to hide the device in CH using a web browser and go to the Play Store home page. Then select the gear icon in the right corner. Here you can see the list of active devices and hide the account on the device you do not want.

Gift Cards & Payment Methods

Some apps or books and music require payment to own and use the app. So payment methods and gift cards are something that you cannot ignore.

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Gift Cards

Payment Methods

To add a payment method, select your profile picture to open the menu, then select Payments and registration. Then you can choose the payment method you want, such as Visa, MasterCard, or other country-specific payment methods.

Gift Cards

If you use other apps or participate in events, you will receive Google Play gift card

To redeem a gift card is also very simple; you just need to enter the code or scan the card with the camera in the gift code redemption section and press redeem. The code will then be saved on the system and applied to the next payment.

Other Managing Tutorials

In addition to the above basic information, the application also supports many other features for users. 

For example, the parental control function lets their children use mobile devices. There’s also information like refunds for purchases or internal app sharing. These features are quite good, but not everyone needs to use them. So if you want to learn more, look for reputable information sites to read.


These are the basic instructions you need to know when you first start using Google Play. In addition, we also cover some higher management systems and guidelines. You can search for other sources if needed. How to use Google Play basic

We hope that our guides have been able to help you have a great experience using the store app.

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