What is Google Play Gift Cards and points
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Google Play Gift cards and points are used to buy exciting online games, apps, movies, etc. Whenever a customer makes a purchase in Google Play Store, they earn Google Play Points, whereas, in the case of Google Play Gift cards, they have to purchase the cards to win an amount to buy online apps, movies, books, etc.

These offers are made to improve customer experience by trying to engage them with exciting offers provided by Google Play Store. Now, let us discuss their uses and how to use these services.

Google Play Gift Cards and points

For what purpose Google Play Gift Card is used?

Google Play Gift Card is used to buy online apps, movies, books, video games, and other app-related purchases. The gift cards of Google Play can be gifted to your near and dear ones, and they are definitely going to love it! After the Google Play Gift Card is redeemed, the balance will directly reach your Google Account.

You can use your Gift Card to buy Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies &TV, Youtube Premium subscription, Youtube Music Premium, Youtube TV, and Google stadia. To use the Google Play Gift Card for such premium subscriptions, you first have to redeem the gift card; then, the balance will be credited to your account; next, you will find an option to use an existing amount from your Google play balance while signing up for the paid subscription.

The google play gift cards are usually received by physical gift cards or through an email. So, we will mainly discuss on.

  1. How to utilize the Google Play Gift card?
  2. How to purchase or get a Google Play Gift card?

How to purchase or get a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift cards can be bought from two sources. That is by the physical or digital method. You can buy a card from the grocery stores in the physical method. The stores that usually keep these gift cards are Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Target, and Dollar General.
If you are looking for digital ways to get a Gift Card, then a lot of retailers are selling them online.

But you need to go for the ones that are most trusted. The online stores where you can buy gift cards are Amazon, Target, Giftcards.com, and PayPal. You will be asked for your email so that you can receive the code, which can be redeemed at Google Play Store.

How to utilize the Google Play Gift Cards?

The Gift Card can be redeemed very easily, physically and digitally. In the physical method, first, you need to scratch the grey stripe on the card to get the code. Once you get the code, you can either redeem using the web browser or the app.

For redeeming using the web, follow these instructions:

  • Open play.google.com/redeem in your web browser.
  • Type the gift code in the code box.
  • Then press the “Redeem” button.
  • Check your Google Play Balance by visiting the Payment Methods option in the menu.

For redeeming using the Android device, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Google Play Store App on your device.
  • Go to the main menu in the top right corner of your phone.
  • Go to “Payments and Subscriptions”.
  • Then press the “Redeem Gift Code” option.
  • Type the code that you received.

Google Play Points

Google Play Points are used to improve customer experience by rewarding the customers with points whenever they make a purchase in Google Play Store. Google fully finances these points that are rewarded to the customers. It can be used for in-app purchases, Google Play credit, or to get discounts. Anyone can sign-up for free to experience its benefits.

How to get Google Play Points

Google Play store can be accessed by anyone who is a resident of the US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong. Then you need an Android device or Google Play website to sign-up for your Google Play Store account. Open the Play Store app and visit the hamburger icon on the left topmost corner on an Android device. Press the “Play Points”. Next, press the “Join for free” button. After that, add the payment method to your account.

If you are using a web browser, visit the link play.google.com; on the left sidebar, you will find an option “Play Points”; click on it. Next, press the “Join for free” button. Then update your payment method the same as we did on the Android device.

How can Play Points be used?

Google Play points are used for purchasing apps, games, books, and other online subscriptions. To use this feature, one needs to follow these steps:

  • * Visit the Play Store on your android device.
  • * Press the menu icon on the left topmost corner.
  • * Click on “Play points”.
  • * When the next page comes up, press the “Use” button.
  • * The first way to use Play points is by ‘Google play credit, which can be used to purchase apps, games, books, etc.
  • * The second way is towards in-app purchases.
  • * The third and last one is by giving it to charity. There is a list of organizations on the bottom of the “Earn” button which need charitable support. If you select these organizations, then Google will give your points for these charitable causes.


Google Play Gift Cards and Google Play Points are an initiative by Google to reward its customers with amazing gift cards and discounts. The customers who are more frequent buyers benefit more from these initiatives as they gain points frequently.

The customers are suggested to utilize the points quickly as the points expire after some time. Similarly, the code provided in the gift cards also has an expiry date, due to which it is appropriate to utilize the gift cards as soon as possible. The easy-to-use gift card is a great way to gift your friends and family, as in this world of apps and games, nothing can make us happier than a gift that will help us buy our favorite games!

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